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ADWV :: Pop-Stars Camp

Do you have what it takes to be the next POP STAR?? ADWV thinks you do!  And here is your chance to show us! Join us on a jazz funk frenzy through pop music and watch your dancer become the biggest pop star there ever was!  If your dancer loves the music of artists like Lady Gaga, Pink, Katy Perry, or Christina Aguilera, this camp is for you! And of course, be ready to be wowed and entertained   during the spectacular Pop Star Dance Battle at the conclusion of camp! Your Stars will not only dance and perform their way through the week, they will also get to make and design their very own costumes and props for the big show. Move over Britney Spears…

Pop Stars are coming through!!!

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4:00 PM16:00

BAKERU Mask and Movement - Japanhouse

BAKERU Mask and Movement | Creative Workshop with Artist Mimi Haddon

The spirit of community is an intangible but powerful force that unites people across time and distance. In the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan, communities have also forged connections to nature, where lush mountains are home to various wild animals that are re-interpreted and transformed into divine beasts in seasonal festivals throughout the year. In this two-hour, immersive workshop, photographer Mimi Haddon with Heidi Duckler Dance will lead a workshop that draws its inspiration from the connections that exist between communities and nature, using dance and movement as a means to explore these bonds.

In this workshop, participants will create personal custom-made masks, then divide into groups with individuals creating a “phrase” of physical movements that will be strung together by their group and repeated as a dance. This new dance will be performed in the custom-made masks and costumes, creating a process that develops organic characters and movements related to the themes of nature and community that will imbue a sense of unity among participants, showing how individual actions contribute to the creation of a community.

As part of this unique JAPAN HOUSE program, members of Heidi Duckler Dance will offer an introductory presentation as an engagement exercise and guide participants through their movements, with musician Joe Berry providing musical accompaniment. Mimi Haddon will photograph participants and provide them with the digital copy of their image to keep. Participants will also receive complimentary masks to experience the interactive BAKERU: Transforming Spirits exhibition.

No previous dance experience necessary. Open to ages 16 and up.

This workshop serves as a complement to BAKERU: Transforming Spirits, an interactive exhibition that invites visitors to step into the supernatural world of Japanese folk traditions through an interactive video installation.

Mimi Haddon uses fiber sculpture as a tool to explore the themes of archetypes and excess. Through her use of color, light and awkward body references, she infuses a sense of humor into her creature-like sculptures. She attributes her fascination with combining humor and post-apocalyptic themes to the many thousands of hours watching I Love Lucy and Twilight Zone reruns as a child. For the past two years, she has collaborated with The Heidi Duckler Dance Company including the performances, “The Enormous Wound” “Back in Circulation”, and “Loaded” performed at The Ford Amphitheatre. She is currently working on a coffee table book about Palace Costume, one of the largest costume rental houses in Los Angeles. She is a professor of Photography and Design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Downtown Los Angeles.

Heidi Duckler Dance creates place-based performances that transform non-traditional spaces, providing learning opportunities and engaging diverse communities, in the belief that the arts can change our vision of the world and of ourselves.

“As a choreographer I’ve imbued non-traditional sites with performances for more than 30 years. The strength and distinctiveness of my work depends on a solid foundation of place, be it geographical, cultural, social, historical, architectural, environmental, political and/or personal. Location, history, and community have inspired my work, yet my choreography has evolved with each place. Sites are catalysts and collaborators within my choreographic process.” – Heidi Duckler

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GSP: The Summer Intensive


Penticton in the summer...

Penticton, BC is a sought after destination in the summer time. Be sure to book your accommodations early!

The venue is just 4 blocks from the lake/beach and is surrounded by restaurants and shops.

Bring the whole family for a vacation!

Classes will run from 9:30am to 3:00pm (2:00pm for juniors) daily, so there is still a lot of time for fun at the lake after!

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Tony Testa USC Residency

Tony Testa

Photo by Mike Quain

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2005, Tony Testa has choreographed for Janet Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Versace, So You Think You Can DanceAmerica’s Got TalentDancing with the StarsX Factor, Disney, the Grammy Awards, as well as multiple projects for both Franco Dragone and Kenny Ortega. He has also made dance for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, TEDx and the Parliament of the World’s Religions. In addition to his work in the pop industry, Testa actively supports non-profits such as Homeboy Industries, The Advot Project, Creative Visions, The Wooden Floor and The Painted Turtle. He is trained in tap, ballet, jazz, contemporary, various street dance styles, flamenco and butoh. He was born and raised in Fort Collins, CO.

Since he started choreographing, Testa has always been in awe of the spirit, sophistication and sheer scale of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games. According to Testa, “this event not only represents one of the rarest and grandest displays of artistry in the modern world, but it also brings humanity together as united nations, even during times of global conflict.” During his time at USC Kaufman for the New Movement Residency, Testa will create a submission to choreograph the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing. He hopes that this opportunity will bring him closer than ever to his childhood dream.

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7:00 PM19:00

Nomadic Narrative w/ Heidi Duckler Dance

Nomadic Narrative w/Heidi Duckler Dance

Refest Los Angeles 2019

CultureHub's annual festival brings artists, activists, and technologists together to envision our role in re-shaping the future. Through exhibitions, performances, and conversations, Refest 2019 explores how we create, resist, and redefine gender within an evolving technological landscape

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6:00 PM18:00

The Dance Center's '12 Minutes Max'

Dance artists Greer Whillans, Jenn Edwards and Carolina Bergonzoni write about the work they have been developing during the spring edition of 12 Minutes Max, which can be seen at a free studio showing on April 11 at 6pm.

Greer Whillans

I naively began this 12 Minute Max process investigating the relationship between vulnerability and authenticity. Yes, I know, a very ambitious task indeed. I knew it wouldn’t be simple and I knew I would be challenged in many, many ways. Little did I know quite how much! I began my first rehearsal thinking…. Oh no, what have I gotten myself into… Of course I knew these two topics were hefty, but I hadn’t taken into consideration, that in order to investigate thoroughly, I’d have to go there myself, connect and generate movement from those places. It was in those moments that I was most grateful to have such supportive, lovely, open hearts to share the studio with. They helped me tremendously to make this task less intimidating and open up the discussion. We discovered so many wonderful and surprising things in our individual movement and as a collective. We’ve been exercising improvisational techniques as a means to settle into our bodies and get connected to the task at hand. The improvisations reveal questions that continue to lead us down many different roads. Discussions naturally develop such as: how and when are you authentic in your reactions? How does one recognize if someone else is being authentic? How do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? And under what circumstances? Or at what cost? Most recently the idea of using voice was introduced. This obviously excited and terrified us all at the same time. Dancers don’t usually talk on stage! We move… that’s why we became dancers. Nonetheless we are tackling it in the spirit of exploration. While the April 11th preview date rapidly approaches and the 12 Minute Max time limit seems not nearly long enough to share all that we have discovered, I’m grateful for the encouragement and challenge to explore, experiment and get lost in the chaos of playing. 

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